Video Premiere: Blame Kandinsky – “Vague”

Blame Kandinsky

Blame Kandinsky, hailing from Greece and performing a wicked, mathy brand of hardcore, are dropping their new record, Eclectic Ruiner, December 2 Venerate Industries. Get a taste of it with the video for “Vague.”

Both the track and the visuals will give you a sense of existential dread, and from the quote below, it seems that’s exactly what they’re going for.

“‘Vague’ refers vaguely to our existence,” says band member Marios Samaris. “We’ve been thinking about how elusive is, in fact, to be alive—trying to find that piece that the world is seeking. People constantly studying the past and the future, making recipes which theoretically will help them to achieve happiness while everything is transitory. Do we feel alive? What’s the cost of one’s dream? Would any of it make sense if there was no end? It seems like there are no successes, no failures, no patterns, no universal truth. There is just the urge to escape any routine. As surprises and the aftermaths grind on, all is vague.”

Preorder the album here.