Video Premiere: Torture Squad – “The Fallen Ones”

Torture Squad

Torture Squad are unveiling a live record, Tortura en La Iglesia En Vivo, as well as a bonus track, the sci-fi epic “The Fallen Ones.” Check out the video for the bonus track right here with us.

“’The Fallen Ones’ is a science fiction song inspired by abduction stories from films and series such as The X-Files (1993) and Signs (2002),” the band say. “The sound of this new song is a powerful mix of elements from thrash, death metal, and progressive metal. The music video was produced by Eric Luchini, who has worked in major productions for companies such as Netflix, and features a suspenseful plot that stimulates the viewer’s imagination, questioning the truth behind these events.”

The music video synthesizes the energy the band’s sold out 2016 show  at La Iglesia, in São Paulo, one of the largest metropolises in the world, and the entire recorded show gave rise to to the new live album.

Tortura em La Iglesia Ao Vivo will be released on all digital platforms on November 24, and “The Fallen Ones” bonus track will be released alongside it.

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