Video Premiere: DRYAD – “Black Smoke”

Photo courtesy of DRYAD

Crusty black metal punishers DRYAD are gearing up to release their new album, The Abyssal Plain, on January 20 via Prosthetic Records. Check out their video for “Black Smoke” from the forthcoming record.

After lurking in the underground for years, releasing some really fantastic demos, EPs, and splits, the band are excited to be working with Prosthetic for their debut full-length.

“We’re thrilled to present our debut full-length album, The Abyssal Plain, on Prosthetic Records,” the band say. “Written in an abandoned Iowa prairie schoolhouse and recorded in a rural converted barn, these songs are the epic conclusion to our Silurian Age–a saga of prehistoric magic and mystery under attack from the modern world, as well as a phosphorescent reflection of our own internal shadows. Dive into the depths if you dare… the infinite darkness looms, but the light still shines within.”

The first song released from the record is fittingly dark and touches on fighting back against the darkness, quite literally, when it comes to pollution.

“Our lead single, ‘Black Smoke,’ is a call to arms to save our oceans before it’s too late—a black metal, d-beat attack in defense of water sanctity (as well as a slight nod to a favorite horror film),” they continue. “It’s a fitting first release that echoes our core sentiments against the exploitation of the world’s natural resources. The video itself is a haunting homage to our local DIY scene, filmed entirely live and featuring the specters of many long-time collaborators, supporters, and friends who have helped us get to where we are today. ”

Preorder the album here.

Photo by Zak Neumann