Five For Friday: August 19, 2022

Greetings, Decibel readers!

We’ve got an eclectic mix of selections for you this week, including some thrash, some death-doom, some post-rock, some atmospheric black metal, and some Soilwork. They can have their own category, they’ve earned it.


Doldrey – Celestial Deconstruction

This band has a lot of things going for them. For one thing, they’re named after the castle that serves as the set-piece for one of the most important albums in the Golden Age Arc of Berserk. It’s the one where Nosferatu Zodd tossed the sword to Guts so that he can beat Boscogn and then … ok, I’ll stop. Anyway, the band plays an HM-2-pedal infused variation of death metal with lots of punk and black-thrash energy thrown in. It rips, even if you had no idea what I was talking about just now.

Stream: Apple Music

Morbid Evils – Supernaturals

From our premiere of Supernaturals:

“Composed of four lengthy tracks spanning forty minutes, Supernaturals is an uncompromising journey through wastelands of the human psyche. An undercurrent of old school death carries “Fearless” to stomping segues between monolithic riffs. Dark psychedelia swirls into the bloodstream of “Anxious.” Like countrymen Hooded Menace, Morbid Evils imbue their sound with splashes of melody (“Tormented”) in the form of eerie and emotive guitar leads from Tuomas Varila.”

Stream: Apple Music

Oerheks – Cagghenvinna

If you like Belgian, especially Flemish, history and you like raw atmospheric black metal that sounds like Cosmic Church, you’ll like this. Oerheks has the production down just right to create the vibes he’s looking for, and I’m interested to see where he takes things in the future.

Russian Circles – Gnosis

From the resident African Grey in the building:

“One of this birdbrain’s favorite bands, Russian Circles, is releasing their eighth, Gnosis. If you aren’t into heavy-ass instrumental music, move on, this isn’t for you. It’s almost hard to describe this in a way, as the songs aren’t really “about” anything and are more of a feel. That being said, this is a more brooding, darker affair, especially compared to the crisper sounding Blood Year. Gnosis has a lot of mood shifts, but it’s pecking HEAVY. I dig it.”

Stream: Apple Music

Soilwork – Övergivenheten

You know what to expect from Soilwork in 2022, like going to a big-budget blockbuster in the summertime. The band still carries the sword of melodic death metal, but wears the armor of more accessible hard rock sensibilities.

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