Album Premiere: Morbid Evils – ‘Supernaturals’

Morbid Evils - Supernaturals cover

Back in 2014, Finnish funeral sludge project Morbid Evils emerged with their first song. Founded by Keijo Niinimaa, it’s a wildly different beast than Niinimaa’s grinding output with Rotten Sound. During their 8 year tenure, Morbid Evils have displayed influences from old school death metal, crust, and the most misanthropic forms of doom. Five years since the release of Deceases, the band prepares to unleash their third LP. Supernaturals is an impenetrably heavy ode to misery with the band’s most sinister compositions to date. Decibel Magazine is psyched to exclusively share the record ahead of the album’s August 19th release from Transcending Obscurity Records.

Composed of four lengthy tracks spanning forty minutes, Supernaturals is an uncompromising journey through wastelands of the human psyche. An undercurrent of old school death carries “Fearless” to stomping segues between monolithic riffs. Dark psychedelia swirls into the bloodstream of “Anxious.” Like countrymen Hooded Menace, Morbid Evils imbue their sound with splashes of melody (“Tormented”) in the form of eerie and emotive guitar leads from Tuomas Varila. The final track is a churning nightmare of down-tuned death and caustic sludge that shapeshifts tempos across its eleven minute reign of terror. The result is a record that matches the hellish smudges of the album’s cover art by Dawid Figielek. It’s a dense and gnarled album that offers no sanctuary and no reprieve.

Dance in the ashes of this burning world and listen to Supernaturals by Morbid Evils below.


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