Full Album Stream: Severed Headshop – “The F**kening”

Despite the humorous names, midwest deathgrind unit Severed Headshop deliver a satisfying 20 minutes of nasty death metal and grindcore through on brutality, speed, technicality and grooves on new EP The Fuckening.

The Fuckening is Severed Headshop’s first proper release following a demo called It’s About Fucking Time (see a naming pattern yet?). At five songs and 20 minutes, it’s a lot longer than someone would expect from a five-song EP touting its grind influences but Severed Headshop keep it interesting. First track “Statutory Faith” uses a couple of humorous samples before ripping straight into some high-speed deathgrind with inhumanly-fast drumming. There are a few grooves that change things up, but it’s mostly speed to start the EP. “Self Gorification” adds a burst of technicality, while “Skull Excavation” embraces the band’s brutal death metal influences.

The EP ends with the menacing pair of “Eternal Soul Penetration” and “…And The Night Was Dark As Fuck,” (now do you see the pattern?) which effectively wrap up all the sides of the band into a neat package. Severed Headshop make a strong first impression with The Fuckening, out August 5 on Everlasting Spew.