Track Premiere: Reincarnated “Quasar God Oration”


Thailand-based death metal combo Reincarnated claw their way back from infinity on debut album, Of Boötes Void Death Spell. Imagine, if you will, Incantation mid-career jamming in Cerebral Rot’s headspace while early ’90s Convulse and Purtenance fought for coffin space. That’s Reincarnated in a proverbial nutshell. Formed in 2017 out of members of Savage Deity, Oldskull, Nocturnal Damnation, and Shambles, Reincarnated are death metal personified, the way it used to be, the way is meant to be. The group’s first offering, The Alpha Echo, arrived in 2020, but the pandemic put activities on hold. Fresh out of the grave and unrestricted, the Bangkok-based quintet–featuring guitarists Patiwat and Saran, bassist Chester, drummer Thinnarat, and vocalist NB–are prepping for the unfurling of Of Boötes Void Death Spell via Thailand-based indie Inhuman Assault Productions.

Track “Quasar God Oration” is a burly run. That it feels early ’90s is one thing, but that it doesn’t actually genuflect entirely is another. There’s a sense that the lookback is genuine. The riffs Patiwat and Saran grind and crush. This is especially true when “Quasar God Oration” slows to a brutal crawl. Vocalist NB summons nasties from beyond the gates. Yet throughout its unsightly turn, “Quasar God Oration” is firmly rooted (rotted?) in the now, as evident in the way Thinnarat accents the highs/lows and key-placed harmonics.

Says Patiwat from the outer rim: “The track ‘Quasar God Oration’ is about the obliteration of mankind. We are merely spiritual beings from the astral plane. We embrace extinction and return to the realm of esoteric philosophies.”

Dive into the Hell that is Reincarnated’s “Quasar God Oration.” The demons from above aren’t for show.

** Reincarnated’s new album, Of Boötes Void Death Spell, is out September 3rd on Inhuman Assault Productions. Pre-orders for LP, CD, and cassette are HERE. Say “Kop Kuun Kraap!” when you order.