Album Stream: Nuclear Tomb – ‘Terror Labyrinthian’

Nuclear Tomb – Weirdo Death Thrash from Baltimore
Nuclear Tomb – Weirdo Death Thrash from Baltimore

With a decade of sharpening their unique musical attack, Nuclear Tomb is ready to riot with riffs and explode like a Molotov, proving that the spirit of metal thrives underground. After two self-released EPs and a series of electrifying East Coast tours, the Baltimore quartet is poised to ascend to new heights with Terror Labyrinthian, to be unleashed by Everlasting Spew Records.

Since its inception in 2011, the band has been a beacon of defiance in the face of musical conformity. It draws from a diverse pool of influences spanning classic metal to noisy punk experimentation. Their dedication to dynamic songwriting and high-energy live performances has garnered them a devoted following of fellow heretics, united by their thirst for sonic adventure.

Blistering fury from start to finish, Terror Labyrinthian is a manifesto of raw aggression, left-field ideation, and musical acrobatics—a rallying cry for those who refuse to be confined by the chains of convention. Decibel caught up with the band on their full-length debut:

Terror Labyrinthian is the culmination of more than a decade’s worth of DIY underground weirdo thrashing madness. Running the gamut from ripping old-school death thrash to punky noise rock experimentation, teetering on the edges of progressive metal while keeping the focus on memorable songwriting. Equal parts aggressive and dynamic, we hope to offer an alternative to the reactionary and predictable trends in modern metal. Thanks to Sebastian Phillips of Exhumed/Noisem and Everlasting Spew Records for their part in helping to bring our twisted visions to reality. Keep an eye open for more tour announcements soon; come out to a gig and wreck your neck. Mind Thrashing Sonic Nightmares – Weirdo thrash is the law.”

So, steel yourself for the journey ahead, which promises to be nothing short of apocalyptic. Welcome to the Nuclear Tomb, where the only way out is through.