Premiere: Haunted Horses’ Unsettling New Video “The Garden”

Flaming lightbulbs. Doorways to nowhere. Blindfolded women with black stuff pouring out of their mouths. These are just a few of the unsettling images from the video for “The Garden,” the harrowing new song from Seattle industrial-punk trio Haunted Horses. The clip was co-directed by Brandon Pierce, who is half of the nascent TV/VCR production duo that brought us videos from ice metal overlords Persekutor (“Chained To The Tundra” premiered here at Decibel last year) and L.A. darkwave dealers Glaare. This time, he’s teamed up with his wife Rachael—who also stars in the clip—to create the visuals for “The Garden.”

“‘The Garden’ is a song about the worst societal delusions,” Haunted Horses vocalist and noisemaker Colin Dawson explains. “We were quick to choose this as a single since it properly sets the tone of the new album. It’s intended to introduce the album’s various architectural noise structures and heavy rhythmic layers.”

That album is called The Worst Has Finally Happened, and it’s out now on Three One G, the label owned and operated by The Locust / Dead Cross bassist Justin Pearson. Don’t blow it.