Video Premiere: Sinning Hard and Thrashing Harder with Israeli Thrashers Sinnery

I’ve said this many times in the past, but one of the many things I love about this business is following the progress of bands as they come of age, mature and get better at their craft. What’s not to love about paying early witness to a bunch of folks gelling and heading on an upward trajectory as they make the move towards proverbial world domination? Israeli thrashers Sinnery are one such band. Gathering their Exodus, Testament, Gojira, The Haunted and post-St. Anger Metallica influences, the quartet from Herzliya, Tel Aviv will soon be releasing their second full length, Black Bile via Exitus Stratagem Records. This new tasty little rager pops the clutch and pumps the gas on modern thrash with a grizzled edge that improves upon the roots planted with their 2016 debut A Feast of Fools and their 2013 demo, Showing Teeth (which, for some inexplicable reason, is all that’s available on their Bandcamp page and which you should avoid because it’s honestly pretty awful).

Today, we’re throwing the video for the album’s title track and second single up for your consumption and viewing pleasure. It’s one that not only showcases the band’s thrashing ferocity, but employs all the sinister-looking evil that comes with nefarious tropes like monk’s robes, cauldrons, excessive candle usage, religious symbology, ritual killings, cult activities and attempted bloody rebellion against such.

When asked about the track in question, the band replied in explanation:
“Writing our song ‘Black Bile’ was a crucial moment for us as a band for many reasons. First, it felt like a change in our style, like we made a connection between our first album and our new inspirations. It felt like we grew up in a way and our music had matured with us. When it began to take shape and we added the lyrics, the song became like an anthem for us and really defined what we were going through. It really summed up our message as a band in that we need to use whatever we’ve been through, whether it’s good or bad and use its energy to elevate ourselves. We need to use our doubts, our mistakes, and our regrets to learn and evolve beyond what we were yesterday, and that’s what ‘Black Bile’ is all about — the song and the album. We feel this record made us better individuals and now we can finally reveal more parts of it with you and that’s exciting because in our opinion that’s what it’s all about.”

Black Bile is due to be released September 16th on Exitus Stratagem Records
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