Track Premiere: Turian — “Snakehead”

Photo by Kyle Burnett

Turian is making a bet you’ll be down with some unrelenting crust- and grind-infused melodic death metal…

…and that’s a great fuckin’ wager because No Longer Human is a top shelf goddamn rager!

The full-length from this Seattle quartet is out August 5 via Wiseblood Records, but if that wait. sounds interminable to you there’s good news — we’ve got an exclusive stream of standout track “Snakehead” right now!

“‘Snakehead’ is the story of male violence upon society through the lens of the tragic character Medusa,” Veronica “Vern” Metztli says. “A woman cursed by the gods to turn men to stone with her ‘evil gaze,’ a trait that furthers her isolation from society and ultimately perpetrates hatred toward her. Man created her burden and then scorned her for it; her vile female gaze that causes them distress and ultimately leads to her death by their hand. A terrific modern metaphor.

“Musically, we wanted something that felt unrelenting but also had a tight rhythmic base. It had to feel raw and aggressive but also rigid and cold to match the vibe of the lyrics.”