Track Premiere: War Babies — “March of the Mindless”

“We’re at time in history where people seem content living in someone else’s version of reality, so long as it suits their needs,” Darren Nanos tells Decibel. “No point in them fact checking a thing, they keep their heads down, and keep their ears plugged to any conflicting viewpoints and carry on with their lives.”

Well, you could plug your ears with ignorance cement and it isn’t going to keep out massive, driving, expansive hardcore blastoff “March of the Mindless,” the sonic response Nanos (Survivalist, Brain Slug) delivers — alongside Mike De Lorenzo (Kill Your Idols, Sheer Terror) — to this increasingly common attitude via War Babies.

“I feel like an eighth grade teacher constantly asking people to explain their answer,” he continues. “More often than not they can’t speak past their preferred headline. A lot of this record is a reflection on that kind of mentality, how people get swept up in a crowd and end up in a dark place.”

Born of sharing music between friends to stay connected and featuring Trevor Vaughan of The Rival Mob and Wound Man, you can check out an exclusive stream of “March of the Madness” below. A previous track, “Life After the Boom,” streamed earlier this month on No Echo. The album from which it is drawn, Shameless Imbalance, is out July 6. Preorder from Hellmind Records or on the War Babies Bandcamp page.

Artwork by Argentinian artist Juan Machado.