Full Album Premiere: Intoxicated ‘Watch You Burn’


Florida bruisers Intoxicated have returned with new album, Watch You Burn. Born in Altamonte Springs in 1992, the aggro-thrash combo–still manned by vocalist/guitarist Erik Payne–hit the ground running, owing comparisons to Revenant, Sadus, and Incubus. So good were Intoxicated in the early ’90s heyday that Death’s own Chuck Schuldiner took Intoxicated under his wing, producing, mentoring, guesting on, and prompting labels to look at the death-thrash savagery that were the Scars and Drain demos. The group eventually issued their debut, Metal Neck, in 1997 before Payne went on to back party-starter Andrew WK.

Now, Intoxicated are back. Actually, they never left, having issued the Walled EP in 2020 to headbanging plaudits. The two years between have been very productive for Payne, bassist/vocalist Gregg Roberts, guitarist John Sutton, and drummer Mike Radford. They’ve written, recorded, and are now set to release their second full-length Watch You Burn on Seeing Red Records. Produced, mixed, and mastered by Ryan Boesch (Foo Fighters, Andrew WK) at Candor Recording (formerly Morbid Angel’s HQ) in Tampa, Watch You Burn continues Intoxicated’s blistering aggression and disquieting dissonance. Indeed, listen to the title track, “Revelation Denied,” and tell us this doesn’t rule 2022 hard.

Says Intoxicated’s Erik Payne: “After the Walled EP we really never stopped writing. The flow was there and we went for it. I’m grateful to say organically the songs got heavier and more pissed. I had an opportunity to trade out labor to afford the recording of ‘Watch You Burn’ with long time friend/producer Ryan Boesch. He’d just rented out the old Morbid Angel studio, and just him and I together completely remodeled the place (now Candor Recording). Recording Walled by myself was a real challenge, so just concentrating on writing this time was a real relief. Sonically, Ryan knocked it out of the park, and we’re really proud of the outcome. With these new songs there’s no fluff–all meat no potatoes vibe. These tunes provide no room for air, we’re not fucking around, the band is well rehearsed and road ready.”

Thrash ’til death in the front, middle, and back rows with Intoxicated’s Watch You Burn!

** Intoxicated’s Watch You Burn is out June 24th on Seeing Red Records. Pre-orders for LP and CD are currently up at Intoxicated’s Bandcamp site (HERE).