Video Premiere: SYK – “The Hollow Mother”

For those of us who are devoted to extreme metal, we often forget how desensitized and adapted we are to common aspects of the style, especially harsh vocals. One of the most common remarks I hear from non-metalheads goes something like this: “Look, I like the music and all, but I just can’t stand the screaming. Couldn’t they do it with regular singing.” The answer is usually, “well, yes, but it’s complicated.” Most of the time clean vocals in extreme metal either sound totally out of place, or have to revert to some form of chanting or power-metal theatrics to keep up with the nature of the music.

But with a more experimental, avante-garde approach, a band like Italy’s SYK has a lot more options to work with. On the band’s new song and video for “The Hollow Mother,” the band blends an alternative-rock vocal style with the sonic power of death metal and black metal, channeled through and djenty guitar tones. It’s a blend all the band’s own, which makes us happy to debut the video here at Decibel.

According to the band:

“‘The Hollow Mother’ is about social apathy and how this human behavior affects society and nature. We should find a new way that does not include violence in the game because no one will ever evolve through violence, except global extermination.”

Check out the video below. Pyramiden comes out on March 11 via Housecore Records and Nuclear Blast Records.