Exclusive Track Premiere: Hellblind – “Hitched”

Not the usual metallic lyrical content on the single, “Hitched,” from upstart U.K. quintet, Hellblind, who feature the talents of former Pitchshifter bassist Mark Clayden, along with vocalist Adam Frakes-Sime, guitarists Paul Fletcher and Charley Olsen and drummer Will Romain. The angry, hardcore-influenced and groove-laden track is pretty much exactly about what the title purports.

The slow-burner is drawn from the band’s debut five-songer, A Plague on All Your Houses, which is set for release on March 23rd on Revenger Records via Cargo. The EP was produced, mixed and mastered with Scott Atkins (Cradle of Filth, Venom Prison) at Grindstone Studios.

Here’s what vocalist Adam Frakes-Sime revealed about the track:

“When a partnership of any kind sours and day to day niceties are dropped in favour of spite and ‘one up manship’, happiness is gonna be hard to come by.  Hitched is about the most intimate of relationships—a marriage—and how it can bring out the worst in both parties. I’m personally really pleased with how this tune came out and there are definitely elements that we’ll retain going forward in search of the Hellblind sound.”