Exclusive EP Premiere: Dry Socket – “Cessation”

Sometimes a name perfectly encapsulates what a band sounds like. And Portland’s Dry Socket found the exact right moniker to describe their painful, impossible-to-ignore approach to hardcore punk.

Cessation is the follow-up to their Shiver  7-inch, and goes even further as the quartet slash and burn through three tracks in about 5 1/2 minutes, a punishing fastcore blitz that’ll leave the taste of blood in your mouth.

And we have the whole thing down below if you’d like some rage and disgust coursing through your veins while you’re emptying the dishwasher.

According to their bio, the EP “presents both a darker and more aggressive attack with a shared lived experience and consciousness of 2020. The lyrical content ranges between political and deeply personal, with a lot of introspection on anxiety, depression, and with Cessation the personal toll of the pandemic.”

I don’t know about you, but right now that feels pretty fucking relatable.

Order the 7-inch today, in either red or white, on Dropping Bombs in the US, and Crew Cuts in Europe.