Full Album Stream: Gorged Afterbirth – “Got Gore?”

They took their time getting there—thirteen years since their last album and nine since their last release, a multi-artist split—but Pennsylvania brutal death metal outfit Gorged Afterbirth are back with their second album, Got Gore? At a lean nine songs, Gorged Afterbirth load the album up with samples and Neanderthal riffs.

If you like samples as much as Gorged Afterbirth do on Got Gore?, you’ll have a great time with the album. Every song on the album features at least one D-list horror movie sample, nodding to the band’s goregrind roots and love for bands like Mortician. Gorged Afterbirth’s grinding side is showcased on songs like “Puking Up Dead Nuns” but for the most part, Got Gore? fits neatly in the brutal death metal category with its gurgling gutturals, machine-like blasts and knuckle dragger slams.

You can get gore on March 11 via HPGD and listen to the full album below.