Track Premiere: Guardrails — “Yours Truly”

Photo by Caleb Good.

Loaded up, cold steel
drop the hammer, and you’ll seal the deal
deep breath, sixteenth floor
one false move, long fall before ya meet the lord

and I find it funny that I think I owe it to myself
an eternal vacation from my demons and my mental health
but my race ain’t over, no I’m not givin’ up quite yet
I still got the one who I promised my last dance

It’s been a long goddamn while since a hardcore band blasted out of the gate with a sound as feral and kinetic – yet savvily refined in construction – as Guardrails.

Deftly bridging the gaps between Leeway, Cold World, and Madball, the rising quartet is about to lose its status as Richmond, Virginia’s best kept secret with a powerful and harrowingly vulnerable EP, If You Please, which rages and thrashes in all the best ways even as it explores the struggle to maintain an even keel in a modern world gone full on mad.

Decibel is pleased to exclusively premiere the first track from this straight-up monster – out April 22; preorder here – “Yours Truly,” below.

“‘Yours Truly’ is about checking on those around you and how a suicidal impulse can be disguised in many different ways,” vocalist Jesse “Jetski” Brinkley tells Decibel. “It’s not always someone saying ‘I’m tired of living – I’m gonna kill myself.’ It’s sometimes hidden behind anger, a laughing face, someone who is numb to the world. In the lyrics above I talk about the two times I attempted suicide. ‘I still got the one who I promised my last dance’ is actually a reference to our song ‘Swish’ on the demo/live session where I reference dancing with Death.

“The EP is a concept album about personal struggles of mental health, suicide, and anger problems I’ve encountered through life – and still do to this day. Therapy has played a major role in helping me overcome a lot, but is still a struggle throughout my life. Expire was one of the first hardcore bands I loved because of the songs they have about sucide and mental illness. I really connected with that on all levels. The EP is 5 songs and has clips from the same sample throughout the EP. The sample is actually a cover of ‘Suicide is Painless’ — better known as the M*A*S*H* theme song.”

Follow Guardrails on Instagram and catch the band on tour this weekend and beyond:

3/12 – Wilmington, DE @ Oddity Bar
3/13 – Baltimore, Md @ Holy Frijoles
3/14 – Richmond, VA @ The Camel

We also have a tour lined up with two bands that I can’t announce yet, but will be
4/29 – Allentown, PA @ TBA
4/30 – Scotia, NY @ TBA

Photo by Caleb Good.