Full Album Stream: Enter the Sullen Murk of Idol of Fear’s Trespasser

In light of the recent pro-COVID, anti-vaccine, border-blocking trucker protests that obnoxiously sucked space and attention up here in the Great White North, friends from other parts of the world have been getting in contact, asking, “I didn’t realize Canadians could be such miserable gits/cunts/louts/asshats/whiners/fucking cry-babies.” Neither did I, but apparently all it took was a global health crisis, a few minor inconveniences and funds pouring in from shady right-wing groups to light the fuse that normally only gets lit when an important hockey game is lost.
Now, I’d like to state, reaffirm and reiterate – and drill home the point again – that I’m not connecting Idol of Fear to any of those illegal rallies. The parallel being drawn here is between Idol of Fear and the sounds of miserableness, anger and downtrodden melancholy being channeled positively and emerging from Canadian climes. I just can’t ever resist the opportunity to point out humanity’s contradictory stupidity.

Hailing from the Toronto area, Idol of Fear have existed since 2011 and have previously bestowed two albums upon the world in the form of 2014’s All Sights Affixed, Ablaze and 2018’s Grave Aperture. Tomorrow sees the release of album number three, Trespasser, a downcast combination of atonal black metal and ornate death/doom, engineered, recorded and produced by the band themselves and issued on their own Somnolence Productions imprint. Today we’re offering you the opportunity to try before you buy, as it were, by running a full stream of the album below. As per usual, we asked the band to scribble a few thoughts about their latest work of wrist-slitting pallor and vocalist/guitarist Austin Myers, hit us back with the following:
“Work on this album began before our second album was even released. There were nearly 40 demos made before we whittled it down to its current state. We are always on the move as far as songwriting goes, so work has begun already on the next release. Some songs are re-arranged in order to be properly executed live, but for the most part, we try to recreate the atmosphere that our recorded material projects — with extra ferocity of course. It is definitely our most powerful and cohesive album to date. We think people will likely see and hear a clear progression and maybe be a bit taken aback. We have always operated in the shadows and Trespasser will probably appear out of nowhere for many. The album is a bitter, cathartic and vengeful capsule that should provide a darkly invigorating, yet personally introspective, experience for the listener.”

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