Track Premiere: Veilburner – ‘Dissonance in Bloom’

Pennsylvania duo Veilburner aren’t at all sly about what to expect from their new song, “Dissonance in Bloom.” As the title suggests, the new offering from their fifth album, Lurkers in the Capsule of Skull, is a dizzying, off-kilter piece of black/death metal that attempts to portray a man’s descent into insanity.

“Dissonance in Bloom” isn’t an easy listen; through a combination of weird psychedelia and uncomfortable dissonance, Veilburner match the music to the album’s theme. Musically, Veilburner are similar to acts like Ulcerate, Imperial Triumphant and Blut Aus Nord, using a death metal base to build off of.

The song—which also serves as the album’s closer—ends on a quiet note, as if the commotion occurring shortly before had never happened. Lurkers in the Capsule of Skull is out on September 24 via Transcending Obscurity but you can listen to “Dissonance in Bloom” now.