Video Premiere: The Sonic Overlords – ‘Eternal Heroes (Last Days of Babylon)’

Swedish outfit The Sonic Overlords look to classic ’80s doom and heavy metal as the inspiration for their sound, using modern recording technology to deliver an updated take on the genre. Their debut album, The Last Days of Babylon, is due out October 22 on M-Theory Audio but Decibel has a taste right now with single “Eternal Heroes (Last Days of Babylon).”

Combining their love for Candlemass and Tony Martin-era Black Sabbath with influences from Scorpions, Yngwie Malmsteen and MSG, “Eternal Heroes” is a sleek and anthemic trad metal tune that strikes a balance between reverence for the past and the modern era. As it turns out, The Sonic Overlords had some help writing it.

“This is a rather special song for us as it is written together with Apollo Papathanasio (who is responsible for most of the lyrics and the song melodies) whom most people know as the singer of [Michael Amott’s] Spiritual Beggars, one of my absolute favorite bands,” guitarist Morgan Zocek tells Decibel. “The song also stands out a bit with its clear neoclassical influences, inspired by early Yngwie Malmsteen and Symphony X. We’re really proud of this one!”

Tune in to “Eternal Heroes (Last Days of Babylon)” below.