Track Premiere: Spacebag – “Circadian Nightmare”

Seattle’s Spacebag sound like what would happen if you locked the members of Dysrhythmia in a room with Herman Li and gave them a case of Red Bull and a copy of Halo 2. Party Prog Nights, the band’s new EP and first release since 2015, is another sugar rush of ultra-intricate, tech-y instrumental prog metal with a sense of humor. The band’s chops are serious, but their tone is decidedly not.

Decibel is premiering “Circadian Nightmare” from Party Prog Nights today. We can’t describe it any more concisely than the dean of instrumental shred, Mr. Yngwie Malmsteen, who gets sampled at the end of the song: “How can less be more? That’s impossible. More is more!” Hear the song and read what Spacebag guitarist Dave Webb had to say about it below.

“‘Circadian Nightmare’ is a song about dreaming. We’ve all had the heavy metal fantasy of jumping in our Ferrari time machine and hitting the astral highway, dodging comic flamingos at the speed of light. But this dream also ends up at a pool party hang sesh with Deep Purple, Rush, and Van Halen at the Carcass manor!”

Pre-order Party Prog Nights here.