EP and Video Premiere: Getting to the Point with Hardcore Supergroup Under Attack

I could probably go on and on and on about Richmond hardcore band Under Attack and their new EP Preservation’s Crash, but that would just be me keeping you from getting to the point. And if there’s a superlative feature about this DIY supergroup it’s how they get to the fucking point — sometimes before you realise the point is there or even what it is. Take Preservation’s Crash for a spin via our stream below (it won’t take long and it’s well worth your while) and give the video for “Die Already” a whirl. For all the need-to-know details about the band, see what guitarist Mark Telfian and Gloom’s Nate Wilson have to say when we asked ‘em, then order that shit from Three One G or the band below:

“Under Attack has been described as a “supergroup,: but if you ask them, it’s just four old friends making brutal, gimmick-free punk hardcore. The band features Dave Witte on drums (Municipal Waste, Discordance Axis, Human Remains, etc.), Mark Telfian on guitar (Limp Wrist, Devoid of Faith, Eucharist, Hail Mary, etc.), Jason Hodges on bass (Suppression, Oozing Meat, Bermuda Triangles) and Alex Copeland on vocals. Under Attack hearkens back to influences as wide-ranging as Negative Approach and Dystopia. Old-school punk hardcore forms the basis of their music; however, the diverse influences and backgrounds of all four members coalesce to create a sound all their own This 8-song EP is as brutal as you would expect given the pedigree of the members. Incorporating elements of breakneck speed, blast beats and catchy mid-tempo punk hardcore with old school mosh parts. This is tough and angry music without the macho crap sprinkled in. This is the soundtrack to putting your foot to the floor and driving off the edge of a cliff.” -Mark Telfian

“When Mark Telfian first told me about bumping into Dave Witte at Dave’s vegan food truck (Go Go Vegan Go) three years ago and that the two lifers were discussing forming a band, I was super stoked to hear what would become of it.  Telfian was the founding member and main writer in early Limp Wrist.  He had also played guitar in Devoid of Faith, Eucharist, Conniption and sang in Hail Mary.  Dave Witte is perhaps one of America’s most well known DIY punk/metal drummers, playing in Municipal Waste, Discordance Axis, Human Remains, Black Army Jacket, Burnt by the Sun, etc. Mark and Dave shared an interest in playing fast aggressive sounding hardcore without any gimmicks or bullshit.
“The pair soon started practicing around Dave’s busy tour schedules under the name Under Attack. They quickly added two close friends from Richmond: Jason Hodges from Suppression on bass, and Alex Copeland on vocals. These four vets went back deep into their hardcore roots and started playing hardcore punk that was inspired by their love of older bands like Negative Approach, Minor Threat, No Security and Straight Ahead. These four friends instantly ripped out a brutal demo tape, followed by a 7” on Iron Lung Records and most recently a split 7” with the legendary Dutch band Seein’ Red.
“Through Covid the band has stayed super-active writing and recording a few more split records along with this ferociously dark eight song 7” that rages with anger and depression. The opening track “Freedom is to Die” is a blistering monster that seems to be just on the edge of falling apart due to the incredible speed, drum fills, and mean sounding vocals that make you just think “hatred!!” The bass guitar holds it all together as its all falling over a cliff with note bends and squeals that keep the listener wanting more of this angry and frustrating noise to help get through the final stretch of this last year and a half of awfulness.”  -Nate Wilson/ Gloom

Three One G


*photo by Michael Thorn

*Video by frequent Three One G collaborator and glitch artist, Displaced/Replaced.