Track Premiere: Schismopathic – ‘Vote for Me’

Polish grinders Schismopathic have far-reaching, if short-lived, roots in the grindcore scene. Originally formed in 1987 under the name Schismopathic Torment before shortening it in 1988, they released first demo Kharkharamapathic Regurgitator in ’89. Recording their debut album, D.E.M.O.C.R.A.C.Y., in 1991, the band broke up shortly after and it was shelved until it was released (paired with the demo) by Selfmadegod until 2013.

The band reactivated with a modified lineup in 2019, releasing a split seven-inch with Antigama. Now, they’ll release their second album, The Human Legacy, 30 years after recording their first. For those unfamiliar with the band, Decibel has an exclusive premiere of new song “Vote for Me.” A ripping, old-school chunk of deathgrind, “Vote for Me” doesn’t sound like a band that’s been inactive for the last three decades.

Visually, Schismopathic avoid the usual pitfalls of a lyric video using hand-drawn, black-and-white animations that spell out the song’s meaning.

“Generally, the lyrics are about the naivety of people and unfulfilled promises of politicians,” Schismopathic explain. “The text was inspired by observations of the election processes in Poland and the rest of the world, irritation of the stupidity of societies that behave like a crowd of fools. People believe in election promises of the candidates, which are often unrealistic. In fact, most politicians can promise anything, just to be elected and have a career. After the elections, politicians mostly argue among themselves, and that focuses the attention of stupid society.”

Listen to “Vote for Me” now and score a copy of The Human Legacy via Selfmadegod.