Blast Worship: Cognizant

Where they from?
Dallas, Texas. Back in September of 2019 I was asked for my Stanley Cup prediction and I did in fact say it was the Maple Leafs beating the Dallas Stars for their first championship since 1967. Almost a year a whirlwind of shit later and I was HALF RIGHT! Do you know how powerful I felt when the Stars made it to the finals? I felt very powerful, which is not a common occurrence for me. My prediction for this year back in January was the Avalanche beating the Islanders, so if the pattern holds, the Islanders will end up losing to some other, more sensible team, IDK.

Why the hype?
I know I made a BIG DEAL about it last year when I did my second column spotlighting the ever-amazing Ixias and lo and behold I’m DOING IT AGAIN! My records indicate that Cognizant was the very first band I ever wrote about for Blast Worship and goddamn if they don’t just keep making dark, angular grind that is once again worthy of this column’s attention. This band is still the shit and is still probably my favorite project involving Bryan Fajardo (sorry P.L.F. stans). As good as they were back in 2018, I feel like they have truly leveled up on their latest release, that being…

Latest Release?
Split EP with Cryptic Void out now on RFL Records. The Discordance Axis influence has really been enhanced here but I also feel like thee band is starting to explore their own darkly emotive spaces with songs like “Thrall” and “Blessed Infirmity” which sounds like a Humanity Falls B-side channeled through a suffocating grind vortex. “Proselytize” brings in some of the playful and chromatic thrash influence of Fajardo’s P.L.F. with album closer “Icaro” touching upon some serious Blood Incantation sci-fi territory. This pretty much is my album of the year contender and it’s gonna take a lot to take the title away from this bad boy.