Track Premiere: Dead Witches – “D.I.E. (Dragged Into Emptiness)”

A haze settles in on this opening day of the first full month of Spring. Dead Witches — the brainchild of former Electric Wizard drummer Mark Greening — brings towering, fuzzed riffs and glacially-paced occult doom. For the past four years or so, the U.K. quartet have cast their shadow over psych-rock and doom metal with a haunting formula seen on their previous full-length records, Ouija and The Final Exorcism. Now they return again. Their gritty might is on full display on their newest effort, a nearly six-minute slow burn succinctly titled, “D.I.E. (Dragged Into Emptiness).”

The new Dead Witches track arrives from an upcoming Doom Sessions Vol. 666 split EP with Witchthroat Serpent in the latest installment of the Doom Sessions. The split series comes from Heavy Psych Records, who have released five prior splits featuring other bands from their roster.

Listen to an exclusive stream of  the radio edit of “D.I.E. (Dragged Into Emptiness)” now (the full 14-minute LP version will be unveiled later). Preorder a copy of the split ahead of its release on June 18 from Heavy Psych Records.