Video Premiere: Thunder Horse – ‘Let Them Bleed’

San Antonio, Texas doom metal outfit Thunder Horse know the power of the riff and they aren’t afraid to use it on Chosen One, their new album coming on Ripple Music. Take lead single “Let Them Bleed” as an example: the core of the song is in the distorted, bluesy guitars and equally-loud rhythm section.

Thunder Horse can shred, too. On “Let Them Bleed,” they dedicate more than a minute of the track time to an expressive guitar solo. That, combined with the song’s chorus, gives Thunder Horse a classic rock vibe.

“Our debut single ‘Let Them Bleed’ from our upcoming Ripple Music release, Chosen One, is an anthem for these tumultuous times,” Thunder Horse tell Decibel. “Filled with angst, frustration and bitterness against the entire American political system, regardless of ideology, ‘Let Them Bleed’ lays it on the table. It Us against them, not us against each other! Love your brother and sister….we have to have each other’s backs! Things are going to get better if we stick together!”

Listen to “Let Them Bleed” below. Chosen One is coming soon on Ripple.