Video Premiere: Fucked and Bound – ‘Terror’

Fucked and Bound should have turned more heads when they released debut album Suffrage in 2018, but the Seattle punks ultimately flew under the radar. In advance of a pending full-length, Quiet Panic has decided to reissue Suffrage with new artwork and a Sonic Youth cover. Today, Decibel has a premiere of the video for “Terror,” one of the album’s most explosive tracks.

The band—which features members of He Whose Ox is Gored and Cattle Decapitation—specialize in lurching, distorted punk, vocalist Lisa Mungo’s raspy screams cutting through the grimy distortion and frantic drumming. Alongside a dark and stylized performance video, “Terror” makes a strong argument for why Suffrage is one of the best punk albums to be (re)released this year.

“‘Terror’ is an angsty, piss-driven track that seethes of existential dread and vexation towards the systems and constructs by which we are bound,” Mungo tells Decibel. “Ruminating on nihilism and the hell that inevitably comes with it, ‘Terror’ drills right into the band’s wheelhouse—buzzsaw riffs, cannonball basslines and gravel-truck vocals. ‘We will be the death of us.’”

Watch the video for “Terror” below. Suffrage is out on December 18 via Quiet Panic.