Album Premiere: Lie In Ruins – Floating in Timeless Streams

Finland’s Lie In Ruins have been conjuring crushing death metal monsters since the release of their demo in 2005. Known for constructing massive albums, both of their previous full-lengths ran an hour each, but on their new full-length, the Finns present 8 tracks of straight-for-the-throat atmospheric death metal hostility and two truly murder scene-setting ambient pieces in under forty minutes. Given the dreamy title, Floating in Timeless Streams, Lie In Ruins third full-length album actually sounds like a band of killers out for bodies. Now joined by Corpsessed drummer Jussi-Pekka Manne, Lie In Ruins sound deadlier than ever on their latest and greatest.

Out this Friday on stateside stronghold Dark Descent, stream and preorder Floating in Timeless Streams below. 

Floating in Timeless Streams

Preorder Floating in Timeless Streams from Dark Descent now.