Video Premiere: The Troops of Doom – ‘The Confessional’

If one must go to confession, it may as well be with The Troops of Doom and their aptly-titled new single, “The Confessional.” Led by OG Sepultura guitarist Jairo “Tormentor” Guedz, The Troops of Doom take a death metal approach to things, but Guedz’s style is all over the new single and accompanying EP, The Rise of Heresy.

Guedz and fellow guitarist Marcelo Vasco dole out mean, mid-paced death metal that’s cycles between foreboding and downright groovy, making sure things continue to move along; the rhythm section of bassist/vocalist Alex Kafer and drummer Alexandre Oliveira really drives the point home—when the grooves hit, it’s hard not to bang your head.

Old-school Sepultura fans won’t be disappointed. In fact, Guedz draws upon his unused ideas from Bestial Devastation and Morbid Visions.

“This song is definitely my favorite on the EP,” Guedz tells Decibel. “It means a lot to me because it was something I always wanted to do during the early days of Sepultura. It highlights a denser and heavier approach, influenced by one of my favorite metal bands—the legendary Celtic Frost—with more ponderous vocals, mid-tempo riffs… it’s all mixed with other old inspirations that come from bands like Slayer, Voivod and Kreator, not to mention our very own and peculiar way of playing, created by Sepultura itself. It is a track that synthesizes a very interesting balance in our debut work, along with other more speed and aggressive songs. That’s why we chose ‘The Confessional’ as our second single. I hope people can dig it as much as we do.”

“The Confessional” is streaming below in video form; The Rise of Heresy is out on October 9 via Blood Blast.