Video Premiere: Horsewhip – ‘Inertia Waits’

Florida crust unit Horsewhip are prepared and ready to unleash 11 tracks of corrosive anger with Laid to Waste, an album that builds on every aspect of their self-titled debut. With “Inertia Waits,” the first look at Laid to Waste, Horsewhip crank out filthy, sludgy hardcore that reeks of desperation, frustration and anger.

The members of Horsewhip aren’t new to ripping out angry, fast tunes—they’ve played in Reversal of Man, Combatwoundedveteran, Sutek Conspiracy and a score of other crucial ’90s hardcore bands, but Horsewhip’s sound is more mature, like the twenty years since then only amplified the band members’ desire to make heavy, crushing music.

“An inner pull to abandon your life as it exists,” vocalist Mike Grantham says about “Inertia Waits.” “Escape to a distant place and be free of all the negative thoughts and disappointments that consume every waking breath.”

Watch the video for “Inertia Waits” below. Laid to Waste is out on Roman Numeral Records on September 25.

Photo: Matt Valler