Track Premiere: DeathEpoch – “Genocide V”

Bringing together drummer/vocalist Lord K. (Nekkrofukk, Sacrificulus, Goathrone, ex-Hate) and guitarist/bassist/Putrid Cult label boss Morgul, DeathEpoch may only be a two-man operation, but they could level a building and leave a smoking quasar in its place with the sheer sonic force they’ve packed into their debut full-length Abysmal Invocation.

Fusing the most vicious elements of black and death metal, dark ambient and power electronics, Abysmal Invocation wages rapacious and unholy war on the senses and spirit alike. With guest contributions from such  devoted evildoers as Mark of the Devil (from Cultes Des Ghoules), Kris Stanley (from Sinistrous Diabolus) and the track streaming below features bad-blooded stalwart Vincent Crowley of Acheron.

“Fuck you, maniacs!” begins the band’s statement prepared for today’s premiere. “We don’t strive for your support. But if you need music that will bring you total war and devastation, will open your eyes to 21st century obscurities you are welcome to embrace [our] debut album. Try to face our sounds, our vision of total extinction of human kind, being not only raw and awful war metal tunes but also electronic and dark wave dreams and journeys through the sickest courners of human mind [sic]. Beware! You have never heard such a face of death we bring upon you! We will devour your souls!”

“Genocide V”