Track premiere: Horsewhip – ‘Funeral Circus’

Photo: Matt Valler

Horsewhip have a notable hardcore/grind/screamo pedigree, with ex-members hailing from Combatwoundedveteran, Reversal of Man and numerous other late-’90s/early-’00s groups. Their sound is familiar, then, but the sound here is different, the band calling it a “somewhat familiar sound filtered through an additional 20+ years of American life and a heavy dose of Floridian swamp dread.”

What Horsewhip play on their self-titled album and on “Funeral Circus,” the track we’re premiering today, is darker and a little less chaotic than the other acts Horsewhip’s members are known for, but it packs the same angry, explosive punch you’d expect.

Bassist Jeff Howe describes “Funeral Circus” as “the acceptance of your own mortality. We work, we die and in the end, losing feels good.”

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