Track Premieres: Apocalyptic Noise Syndicate – ‘3301’ // ‘Agenda 21’

Enter mechanical hell with Texas deathgrind maniacs Apocalyptic Noise Syndicate and their new double single, “3301” and “Agenda 21.” After a robotic introduction, the band immediately burst into raging, brutal grindcore marked by spastic, high-speed riffs and unhinged vocalist Joe Soranaka, whose range is all over the place throughout the two-and-a-half minutes.

Despite their death metal tendencies, Apocalyptic Noise Syndicate keep it crusty, breaking up their barrage of extreme metal with D-beats and guitar solos. Like Wormrot and fellow Texans P.L.F. and Insect Warfare, Apocalyptic Noise Syndicate are masters of the line between brutality and speed, heard loud and clear on the pair of singles.

Listen to both singles via Youtube below. Roman Numeral Records will release the band’s new album, Manufactured Dreams, on October 2.