Premiere: HAD’s self-titled mLP

HAD are the latest Danish abominations to crawl forth from the depths of Copenhagen. Featuring members of Deiquisitor and Sulphurous, HAD will soon release their debut self-titled mLP in cooperation with Me Saco Un Ojo (for the 12” vinyl), Dark Descent Records (for the CD), and Extremely Rotten Productions (for the tape).

Four tracks of eldritch death madness enshrined forever in sepulchral perfection, HAD spreads like a bloodstain so dark its black across several subgenres, occupying a sound that is wholly darkness yet overwhelmed with brutal morbidity. This is not passive death that awaits your entrance into this album. This is ravenous, insatiable death. Suffice to say, HAD must be suffered to be believed—though your survival is not guaranteed.

HAD describe themselves as “a new entity deriving from inner malignant chants of mental torture.” They go on to say their debut mLP represents “the first chapter of diabolical and deviant hymns from the bowels [of] rotten Denmark.”


Extremely Rotten Productions

Dark Descent Records

Me Saco Un Ojo