Video Premiere: Wolftooth – ‘Valhalla’

Most of the traditional heavy metal revival falls flat because of the vocals. Young outfit Wolftooth break that mold with their second album, Valhalla, which retains the spirit of classic heavy metal, doom and stoner rock throughout its runtime. If you didn’t hear the album when it was initially released in May, there’s another chance right now.

Wolftooth have a new video for the album’s title track and it’s available to stream right now.

“The song ‘Valhalla’ represents the long journey of the band’s members with a collective 100+ years of experience grinding and pushing forward towards a common goal,” Wolftooth tell Decibel via email. “Our lives have been dedicated to this journey and we feel that this album, with the title track ‘Valhalla’ being the anchor of the offering, represents our ticket to this next level in our music careers.”

Valhalla is out now via Ripple Music.