Album Premiere: Aleynmord ‘The Blinding Light’


Aleynmord‘s black metal/folk hybrid was empowered perhaps not by other bands, but the very nature that engulfs the Oregon-based duo. The Columbia Gorge and its surrounding forests were all the input C. Nihil (vocals/bass) and JS (guitar) needed to construct their tormented yet nostalgic black metal. From C. Nihil’s caterwauling screams, disembodied yells, and bone-chilling shrieks to JS’s monochrome yet repetitious riffs and vocal solos, Aleynmord ply a specific type of nature-informed expression that is seemingly unique to beforested environs. Whether it’s stateside luminaries Wolves in the Throne Room and Agalloch, or foreign purveyors like Arckanum and Grift, there’s something about the wilds of nature that pairs perfectly with primal asseveration. Aleynmord is a welcome sylvan addition…

Says the duo: “We in Aleynmord are proud to present the reveal of The Blinding Light, our debut album. Our thanks to Decibel for hosting the stream, and to AOP for the brilliant execution and cooperation to bring our art to life. We thank all those that join us in the music and isolation, and hope it reaches you well.”

The World Bank estimates 82% of the U.S. population lives in urbanized areas. That’s a downer to the old woodland spirits among us. Go find your forest (or your crevasse) with Aleynmord’s The Blinding Light now!

** Aleynmord’s new album, The Blinding Light, is out on AOP Records. Pre-orders are now available HERE.