Track Premiere: Ghoulhouse – ‘Necroholics Anonymous’

Pure Swedish death metal is on the menu today as Ghoulhouse head to “Necroholics Anonymous” in the form of a new single. Formed by Rogga Johansson (Paganizer, Ribspreader, et al) and Håkan Stuvemark (Wombbath), Ghoulhouse take inspiration from seminal horror metal groups like Exhumed and Repulsion.

“Necroholics Anonymous” is a crusty, grinding death metal tune shaved down to the barest requirements: HM2-powered guitars, thumping drums and vocals that land somewhere between growls and the act of vomiting.

“Ghoulhouse invite you to a morbid meeting with the Necroholics anonymous,” the band tells Decibel. “Prepare for a gritty grisly gathering of utter ugliness.”

Horror Pain Gore Death will release Rigor Mortis Intermezzo, Ghoulhouse’s debut album, on September 11. You can listen to “Necroholics Anonymous” now.