Blast Worship: Snarler

Where they from?
Nova Scotia, Canada. Wow I just googled Nova Scotia (I get paid to do research) and I did not realize how far east that shit is. It’s like Canada’s Florida, only with hopefully less meth and Confederate sympathizing. Isn’t that where Trailer Park Boys took place?

Why the hype?
OK, so, grindviolence: Let’s talk about it. What the hell actually is this microgenre within the boundaries of two separate microgenres that are so similar they are often easily confused for one another? I started seeing this term a few years ago and it somehow makes even less sense to me now than it did then. I guess you could say grindviolence is an attempt to categorize certain American grindcore bands that just happen to lean a little bit more punk than their European counterparts. We are splitting the thinnest of hairs here.

I bring this up because these Nova Scotians were labelled on youtube (once again, paid research) as grindviolence but to me they just sound like good ol’ fashioned powerviolence but with a drummer who can actually play some fucking blast beats. I guess that solves the debate: Grindviolence is just fastcore with a decent drummer. Either way this shit RULES. This band does everything well: the fast parts, the smooth mid-tempo transitions and most importantly those goony ass Infest-style breakdowns. I literally was clapping my hands in my car while stuck in traffic.

Latest release?
Stubborn. Honestly, I feel like this whole year the powerviolence scene has been outpacing the grindcore scene at a very rapid pace. Listening to this shit reminded me of all those dank Philly basements where you’d see hairy men in cutoff jean shorts just blasting out snotty punk riffs while dudes in Strength For a Reason hoodies punched the floor. God, remember shows? If the world doesn’t end this year I might just have to fly up to Nova Scotia to see this band (and bill it as official Blast Worship research).