Full Album Stream: Angel Morgue – “In the Morgue of Angels”

Blasphemy and rotten, cavernous death metal are Angel Morgue‘s specialties on debut album In the Morgue of Angels. The death metal on display is primitive and effective—everything from the riffs to the vocals to the impressive drumming to the production to the song titles sounds like it was dug out of a crypt.

Fortunately, that crypt contained an impressive death metal album. From the Immolation-esque “Raped in Church (Touched by God)” to the neck-snapping “Cosmic Torment” and titular closer, Angel Morgue juggle fast and slow tempos, never giving too much of one or the other. There are plenty of sonic similarities to Immolation, Autopsy and early Outer Heaven, and the song titles would bring a smile to Glen Benton’s face.

At a lean eight songs, everything about In the Morgue of Angels feels inspired by a time gone by, adapted for 2020. Listen to Angel Morgue’s debut album below and purchase it via Redefining Darkness.