Hear King Gorm’s ’70s Throwback Self-Titled Debut

Remember when Ghost were awesome? No? OK, it has been a while, but I’ll defend Opus Eponymous even under the threat of assault by someone brandishing that band’s dumb dildos and butt-plugs. Anyway, San Diego psych-rock/proto-metallers King Gorm won’t likely be mistaken for Nameless Ghouls anytime soon, but our friends at Metal Injection were right to recently make the comparison between KG and that one classic Ghost LP.

The band’s self-titled debut dropped last Friday via Trevor William Church (Haunt, Hysteria)’s quickly growing Church Recordings. If you’re down with the sound/look of “Beyond Black Rainbow,” shuffle on over to Church’s Bandcamp (link below) and grab a copy of what’s sure to be a, um, prime mover.