Track Premiere: Katavasia “The Tyrant”


Katavasia are a newer black metal act from the ancient lands of Hella. Formed in 2014 by Necroabyssious — yes, he of Varathron, Funeral Storm and Zaratus — in the storied city of Ioannina, Katavasia continue the Greek tradition of atmospheric black metal, where mystical auras, gored by bouts of aggression, prevail. Indeed, for fans of Thou Art Lord, Kawir, Rotting Christ and Necromantia, Necroabyssious’ newest creation is a stunner.

Says Necroabyssious: “Hello, evil maniacs! This great song was recorded in the quarantine days of COVID-19, just like the whole new album of Katavasia. As difficult and bizarre as it was (and still is) for many people around the planet, for us, this second album was a catharsis, and we ended up with something unique. There are many kinds of tyrants among us, but there’s also a tyrant inside us all. This one is defying angels and demons and believes he is superior. As the ancient ones used to say, the gods laugh at us because they know how weak we are. Praise the mighty ones and enjoy one of our favorite tracks of the album!”

From the olden halls and whispering crypts of Ioannina, Katavasia and Decibel hereby light the torch that is “The Tyrant”!

** Katavasia’s new album, Magnus Venator, is out September 4th on LP, CD, and cassette on Greek indie Floga Records. Pre-orders are HERE. Digital copies can be ordered directly through Katavasia’s Bandcamp site HERE.