Track Premiere: Sheenjek—”Monkey Brains”

Not sure which extremely extreme committee is charged with sorting/bestowing the Most Rock n’ Roll Band Bio of 2020 award, but y’all can take the rest of the year off:

The band Sheenjek started as a simple book club, with wine and cheese and light banter about families and good books. This quickly dissolved, during the first meeting, into a demonstration, or clinic, of self-defense knife handling skills, and joint rolling technique. Booze, weed, books and punching each other, soon lead to a drum solo that lasted 9 nights and became the first ever live performance of the Sheenjek band.

Add to this the fact that the Portland, Oregon quartet features Scott Flaster — co-founder of the uber-legit, hyper-awesome label Seventh Rule — you’ve got yourself a potential recipe for some straight up stoner post-punk psych rock badassery.

Well, “potential” until you click play on the exclusive premiere of “Monkey Brains” from the forthcoming full-length Unclever. (Out August 28 via Seventh Rule.) Once you take that dive into the rabbit hole the killer-osity is simply just undeniable knowledge.

“Scott came up with these absolutely pummeling riffs and already had the song outlined when he brought it to us, so it came together really quick at practice,” bassist/vocalist Dave Becker tells Decibel. “Afterwards, Spencer sent out the recordings, which arrived as I was sitting at home watching Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. I popped on some headphones and totally had a Dark Side of the Moon/Wizard of Oz moment. The lyrics pretty much wrote themselves from there.”