Track Premiere: Black Helium – “Two Masters”

Black Helium band photo

Almost two years ago to the day, Decibel premiered Black Helium‘s album of white-hot party fuzz, Primitive Fuck. In that review I described the London-based rockers as a sound that embodied “[The Stooges’] revved Detroit engines and [Black Sabbath’s] Birmingham dirges alike. Throw in a dash of scuzzy CBGB glam and late ’60s downer rock, and you’ve got an outfit that knows how to kick out the jams, motherfucker.” Now Black Helium are back with The Wholly Other, and Decibel has exclusive access to their heavy-psych jam “Two Masters” before the album’s July 24th release.

“Two Masters” begins with a simmering shimmy beneath the Sun’s blinding rays. But 16 seconds in there’s a solar eclipse that throws shadows across the rest of the song. Guitarists/vocalists Stuart Gray and Davey Mulka soon unveil a riff that’s so catchy and wicked that it deserves a (dope)throne in Hell. “Two Masters” crawls from doom metal’s primordial ooze and should appeal immediately to fans of Electric Wizard’s black-mass distortion. “Two Masters” then seduces the listener with nocturnal psych that prowls but never scowls. Black Helium’s grinning cocktail of influences urgently holds the listener’s attention until that riff returns. You’ll know the riff I’m referencing once you press play.

Black Helium shared the song’s astrological origins in the following statement: “The title “Two Masters” came from a warning in the daily horoscopes, “You will never please your two masters.” We’re not really into horoscopes, but it felt like a good idea for a song. Musically the second part of the song really digs into some Groundhogs/Hawkwind vibes. It’s definitely not something you could sit down and write on your own, it just all came together whilst we were playing it.”

Stream Black Helium’s “Two Masters” below and scroll further for a pre-order link to order The Wholly Other. But first, PRESS PLAY.

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