Track Premiere: Witching – ‘Throes’

Photo: Richie DeVon

Philadelphia’s Witching formed in 2018 and since then rapidly picked up speed with a self-titled EP and single, “False Martyr,” in 2018. They’re showcasing a more extreme side of themselves with the release of new single “Throes,” unleashing thrashy black metal for the first half of the song before returning to their sludgier roots for the second half.

Vocalist Jacqui Powell alternates between a feral scream and subdued, almost operatic, clean vocals and guest violinist Thuy Nguyen lends her talents to the song.

“All of us in Witching have been close to suicide in many forms,” drummer Miles Ziskind explains to Decibel. “Whether it’s people very close to us or close to our close friends and family. We want to spread the message of compassion and being open for friends and folks in need of being heard or helped who have fallen into dark times. Sometimes it’s just really hard to reach out when one is in need and it hurts when people we love don’t see this before it’s too late.”

“The song is about aggression, violence, being left with an empty feeling,” Powell adds. “I’ve been exorcising my emotions, mostly ones from my past that I have never been able to deal with until recently, really until I became a part of this band… life was pretty rocky for me until we started Witching. I’m letting go of the things that used to weigh me down as a person, it’s time to be better.”

You can listen to “Throes” now and purchase it via Bandcamp. Proceeds go to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

Witching will perform at Shadow Frost Music & Arts Festival on February 21.