Video Premiere: Nyrst – “Orsök”

Reykjavik-based black metal quintet Nyrst released a two-song demo back in 2016 that flew under the radar, but with a video like the one they’ve got for the lead single from their debut full length, there will be no denying these guys their moment of evil glory. Truly, this is how a black metal video is supposed to look. 

Nyrst’s vocalist Snæbjörn is the protagonist for Daníel Puskás’ video, but the real star of the “Orsök” music video is Iceland’s desolate landscapes. 

“Nyrst are proud to premiere the music video for ‘Orsök,’ our first single from the upcoming album Orsök,” the band writes. “We had a very specific vision to convey the harsh and barren landscape of our country, which was our main inspiration when we wrote the album. There is something about the desolate wastes of the highland that gives you a sense of hopelessness but also this immense calm, a perfect symbiotic relationship that made us find a very accurate atmosphere and sound which made all this possible.”

You’ll notice that the video itself carries a heavy theme. The band explains: “The lyrics of Orsök follow a lone wanderer and his journey across the frozen wastelands where he is enforced by the gods to sacrifice his child daughter to host a goddess or a cosmic entity and thus bringing doom upon life. Departing with the baby, absolute loneliness and grief become his companions following him to the end of his journey . . . In his final moments conceding to the spirits he realizes his mistake and embraces the void.”

Preorder Orsök from Dark Essence Records now.