No Corporate Beer Reviews: The Pomisher

Beer: The Pomisher
Brewery: Free Will Brewing Co. (Perkaskie, PA)
Style: Sour – Other
6.3% ABV / N/A IBU

First off, that name is totally killer, right? This barrel-aged sour blend is every bit as incredible as its name would suggest –this blows away any barrel-aged sour I’ve sampled in the last year. Part of the charm of The Pomisher is that it’s relatively unique for its style – overall, it’s a sour that’s more distinctly dry that sour. It’s almost like a fruity dry wine; perhaps that’s why it comes in bottles with corks and caps. The Pomisher also benefits from its blend of young and old sour ale batches, ensuring that the oak flavors from the casks are fairly subtle while the bold and juicy fruit notes from the pomegranate (introduced in aging) stay upfront.

Like a lot of sours, The Pomisher features minimal carbonation and virtually no head. The color is nice, too – a light translucent orange. But I didn’t spend that much time looking at it, because it’s 100% crushable, so moderate your consumption in smaller glasses in order to sip and savor. This beauty is on tap and many fine establishments throughout Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Not planning a road trip? No problem; Free Will Brewing Co. also produced 2867 bottles of the 2018 blend for their distribution network. Sorry, but one of those babies is now swirling in my tum-tum. The race for the other 2866 is on!

For more info, check out Free Will Brewing Co here.