Video Premiere: Eye of the Destroyer – ‘Death Master’

It took four years from their last album, 2015’s Methods of Murder, to deliver a follow up, but New Jersey outfit Eye of the Destroyer released second LP Baptized in Pain earlier this year. To keep the momentum rolling, Decibel has teamed up with Eye of the Destroyer to share the video for “Death Master,” the third song on the album.

“Death Master” highlights the low-and-slow side of Eye of the Destroyer’s sound, sharing as much with bands like the Acacia Strain and Waking the Cadaver as Dying Fetus and Cannibal Corpse. In other words, Eye of the Destroyer favor heavy-handed brutality to nuance and subtlety. According to vocalist Joe Randazza, the band had one goal in mind when writing “Death Master.”

“I wanted to write something that was fucking punishingly heavy,” Randazza tells Decibel. “The opening riff came out the gate just aggressive and grimy. This song was definitely one of my favorites on the album and always gets a huge reaction live.

“I shot the video for this and wanted it to be similar to those grainy performance videos from the early ’90s that got me into heavy music. ‘Death Master’ was written about the Manson murders and the glorification and glamorization of death. To me, this is one of the heaviest songs on the album and I am super happy we did a video for it!”

Listen to “Death Master” below. Baptized in Pain is out now.