Track Premiere: Hellehond – ‘Over De Kling’

Hellehond are a new band comprised of underground metal veterans. Their style of stark but densely evil old school black metal comes naturally to them as this is the music they grew up on. After forming sometime in 2017, the Netherlands-based quartet, featuring members of Asphyx, Rectal Smegma, and Wederganger, set to writing their full length album. Now Verslonden (meaning: Hunger) is here and nearly ready to be loosed upon the world. 

For an idea of what cold violence awaits on Hellehond’s debut LP, here’s a slow and frosty stomper to start your November off nice and grim. 

“Unpolished rawness is what the band is all about,” claims the band. “Recorded live in the studio without any overdubs or useless fill ups, Hellehond keeps it plain and simple just like their influences Hellhammer, Bathory and very early Samael.”

“Over De Kling”


Get Verslonden on CD and vinyl LP formats December 6th from Iron Bonehead.

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