Vadiat: An Assembly of Death Metal Veterans Delivers New EP, “Darkness Proceeds”

Vadiat is a new death metal band, made up of veterans of the Cleveland death metal scene and the wider death metal world. This collection of hardened heshers includes guitarist/vocalist Brian Sekula (Terror [the death metal one, obvs], touring member of Mortician), drummer Joe Twardzik (Blood of Christ), guitarist Geoffe Hein, and bassist Duane Morris (Embalmer, Decrepit, Incantation and many others). Upon first listen, it’s immediately clear that two plus two equals way more than four with these guys.

The band’s sound is clearly rooted in doom-heavy bands like early Amorphis, Incantation and Immolation, along with a healthy dose of classic Bolt Thrower. For fans of classic, straightforward darkness, Vadiat delivers on everything you could want in a death metal band.

Of the four songs on their debut release, the title track is definitely the strongest. “Darkness Proceeds” starts with what sounds like some poor victim being buried alive, and is then followed by an ominous and simple guitar riff. As the song builds up, the atmosphere is thick with ringing guitars, gutteral vocals and a no-nonsense rhythm section. The song later progresses into a mighty stomp, giving the listener something beyond the main body of the song to look forward to. Also: Pay attention to the guitar solo work here, which has an almost bluesy hard-rock finesse to it that adds a fresh touch to Vadiat’s death metal sound.

Check out “Darkness Proceeds” below- hopefully much more proceeds from this EP in the future.